Since 2002, the Student Impact Fund has provided financial aid to more that 1500 students!

Every Gift Counts

Brentwood's Student Impact Fund

The Student Impact Fund does exactly what its name says - it creates a lasting and positive impact on every single Brentwood student.

While tuition fees cover the School's operation costs, donations are a vital source of financial aid for students in need, as well as enhancements to our tripartite programming, professional development for staff, and much more.

Did you know? Since 2002, the Student Impact Fund has provided financial aid to more than 1500 students, supported campus and teaching innovation, and has helped Brentwood become the amazing school that it is today.

The 2022-23 Student Impact Fund runs until June 30th (our fiscal year end). Donations received by midnight on June 30th will be eligible for a House Challenge point.

Which House Will Prevail This Year?

With 131 points, Allard House claimed the 2021-22 top spot.  Who will prevail in 2022-23? Make your donation by midnight on June 1st and help your house rise to the top of the leaderboard. Remember, it's all about participation. Your House will score more points if you encourage your friends, family, and Brentwood classmates to donate too!

The winning house will be featured in the next Brentonian Magazine, claim all the glory and bragging rights, and the current students of that house will be treated to a special prize just for them. What better way to celebrate than by putting a big smile on their faces?

Check out our Leaderboard page to see the current House Challenge scores for all eight houses.

Ready to Make a Gift?

Take a look at our featured Student Impact Funds (listed below) which represent our areas of greatest need at present. Eligible gifts of $20 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt. 

American donor? Make your online donation via FRISBE (Friends of Independent Schools & Better Education) to receive a US charitable tax receipt. Click here to learn more about FRISBE.
Don't see the fund you want to support above? Click here to explore our complete list of funds and donate on our website.